Faculty and Staff

The Faculty and Staff Rhawnhurst Elementary are dedicated to the success of our students.

 Meet Our Leadership Team

Ms. Kingwood, Principal

Mrs. Peirce-Jefferys, SBTL, School Based Teacher Leader

Mrs. Franklin, TTL, Webpublisher

Ms. KingwoodPrincipal
Ms. Peirce- JefferysSchool Base Teacher Leader (SBTL)
Ms. StonesSecretary/Office Manager
Mr. FinnCounselor
Ms. RothSchool Nurse
Ms. CollinsKindergarten Teacher
Ms. HaughKindergarten Teacher
Ms. JudgeKindergarten Teacher
Ms. Meyer Fischer1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Cotugno1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Murta1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Gowland2nd Grade Teacher
Mr. Flaxman2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Comella Lynn2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Sherman2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Kulikowski2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Bridge3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. D'Arcy3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. McEntee3rd Grade Teacher
Mr. Gross4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Mitchell4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Serrano4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Szydlik4th Grade Teacher
Mr. Thomas4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Bernardi5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Franklin5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Williams5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Everly1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade Support Teacher
Ms. Feola & Ms. Fraser Special Education Teachers
Mr. JacobsonHealth/ Physical Education
Ms. SchaferWriting through Art Teacher
Mr. JahrMusic Teacher
Ms. ShafitSpeech Teacher
Ms. Murphy &
Ms. Whitner
Bright Futures
Ms. MenaleScience Enrichment Teacher
Ms. Williams, Ms. Boyd, Ms. Padilla, Ms. Harvey,
Ms. Pagliante, Ms. Davis. Mrs. Hillgrube
Support Staff
Mr. Kreiss, Ms. Holmes, Ms. Nieves,
Ms. Philips
ESL Teacher
Cafeteria Manager
Ms. ChannickSupport Teacher